VPN what is it, and why you absolutely need it

what does VPN mean, and how it works.

We hear about VPNs everywhere. whether by Netflix and torrent users or anyone who wanna stay safe and anonymous. but what exactly is a VPN ?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a private network offering the user complete anonymity when surfing the Internet. Each Internet user has an IP address which makes it possible to identify them and to trace their real identity if necessary.

When using a VPN, your IP address becomes invisible to all the web services you are trying to access. You thus become anonymous. All the information you wish to access circulates in an encrypted tunnel and becomes indecipherable.

In Terms OF Privacy, A VPN Can Help You Hide The Following :

             Browsing History. Your ISP (internet service provider) and your web browser can all your activity                   on the internet,  plus the websites that you visit also.

             Real-time  location and IP adress.

            Computer, laptop,Smartphone,Tablet and all you devices. with vpn                                                                                 encryption no hacker can sniff the information that goes in or out of your devices 

           Web Activity. VPN protect your privacy and intimacy from                                                                                                    governments or anyone on the internet. and you can enjoy torrent wit piece of mind

Things To Consider Before Choosing a VPN

      VPN Compatibility with  your exploitation system,Windows,Mac,Linux and mobile

     Prices. although there are free versions, they come with a limited trial periods

     Speed Performance. since the VPN is your delivery buddy on the internet, you don’t want to wait a           lot for video or page to load 

     Language and the design of the VPN interface. is it comfortable, accessible and do you like it.    

     The number of servers and their locations